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JavaScript Connector | Radware Bot Manager JS Tag

Getting Started

This concise integration guide will facilitate the integration of Radware Bot Manager Real-time Bot Management Solution for Web, Mobile, and APIs using the Radware Bot Manager Virtual Appliance.


Create your Radware Bot Manager Account

  1. Before proceeding with the integration, you must create a Radware Bot Manager account. To write to the Bot Manager support team to create the account.

  2. Complete the registration by submitting the form with the required details.

  3. After successful registration, a verification email will be sent to your registered email account.

  4. Click on the activation link and set your password.

  5. On successful activation, you will be redirected to the Radware Bot Manager Dashboard.

Download the Radware Bot Manager JS Tag

  1. Go to the Download Connectors page in the Radware Bot Manager admin portal.

  2. Switch to 'JS Tag' section and click on 'Copy' to copy your customized JS Tag.

  3. Paste/ Add the copied Radware Bot Manager JS Tag to the header section of every web page where you want Radware Bot Manager Bot detection.

A Tag Management service or Common header file can also be used to integrate the copied Radware Bot Manager JS Tag to ensure the JS executes in all the pages where you want bot detection. For any help, write to botmanager_support@radware.com.

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