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This is a crisp documentation containing details the steps to integrate ShieldSquare Antianti-bot solution at your HAProxy loadbalancerload balancer.


  1. Ensure that you have created an account in the ShieldSquare admin portal before getting started
  2. LUA version 5.3.x
  3. HAProxy (version 1.8 or above) compiled with LUA and OpenSSL




1.Download the connector kit shared provided by ShieldSquare support teamSupport
2.Place "shieldquare.lua" and "shieldsquare-spoe.cfg" in a dir. (Please do not change the order of args in shieldsquare-spoe.cfg)
3.Edit "shieldsquare.lua" file to configure SID and mode as below:



'' is the ShieldSquare endpoint to receive data. You can check with ShieldSquare support team Support for the optimal endpoint location based on your environment.

5.Restart HAproxy service and Verify verify ShieldSquare Integration in the ShieldSquare admin portal's 'Verify Integration' page. 

Now , ShieldSquare integration is successful in Monitor mode. To learn more about monitor & active Monitor and Active mode, read click here. Upon successful integration verification, ShieldSquare support team Support will help you with instructions to switch to Active mode.