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Fundamentally, Radware Bot Manager works in 2 Modes:

  • Monitor Mode

  • Active Mode

*ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Monitor Mode:

This mode allows you to monitor the bot traffic on your website, mobile apps, and APIs. Using an asynchronous call, Monitor mode will enable you to analyze site traffic for insights into malicious bot related information. Please note that you will not be able to take action against bots in Monitor mode.

Integration of your site with Radware Bot Manager in Monitor mode can be done by choosing any one of these technologies:






AWS CloudFront, Azion

Web Server Plugins


App Server SDKs

PHPJava, Android, iOS

Other Third-Party Integrations


On-premise Sensor

Radware Bot Manager Virtual Appliance

DNS Diversion

Bundled with Radware Cloud Service (CloudWAF+DDOS)


Bot Manager Integration with Alteon


  1. Select only one technology to integrate Radware Bot Manager with your site. It is not required to integrate with multiple technologies.

  2. The Radware Bot Manager engine has self-learning capabilities. We recommend that you integrate your website in Monitor mode first to allow the engine to fine-tune its rules depending on the traffic on your site. After a few days of analysis and tuning, you can migrate to Active mode to block bad bots.

*Radware Bot Manager supports Section.io integration too. Write to botmanager_support@radware.com for any queries regarding the integration.

Active Mode:

This mode allows you to take the required action (ALLOW - 0, CAPTCHA - 2, Block - 3, Feed Fake Data - 4) against bots impacting your website, mobile app, and API. Please note that migrating to Active mode equips you with the response codes for real-time API responses. You will be required to implement the exact action desired for each response code.

Active mode can be further configured into 2 protection modes (choose the one that best suits your needs):

  • Real-time Protection

  • Feed-based Protection

Real-time Protection:

This mode lets you take the right action on different categories of bots in real-time by making synchronous calls to Radware Bot Manager API. This is the recommended mode when taking action at the application or server level.

Feed-based Protection:

Feed-based Protection mode enables you to make an asynchronous API call to the Radware Bot Manager server. The Radware Bot Manager engine detects bots and sends the Bot Signature Feed to you at regular intervals to let you take action against bots. This is recommended when taking action at the CDN/ WAF level.

There are 2 steps involved in Feed-based Protection integration:

Step1: Integrate in Monitor Mode

Step2: Moving to Feed-based Protection

When should you use Feed-based Protection?

  • If your complete webpage content is cached at the CDN level.

  • If you have cache servers implemented within the network.

  • If you are using our JS Tag/ Fastly Plugin/ AWS CloudFront integration, and want to stop bots at the WAF /CDN / ADC level.

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