Radware Bot Manager documentation

SDK Integration | PHP, Java and ASP.NET

This is brief instruction documentation on integrating the following *Radware Bot Manager SDKs:

  • PHP

  • Java

*ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager


Follow the steps to integrate any of the above Radware Bot Manager SDKs with your environment.

1. Go to the Radware Bot Manager admin console and click on 'Download Connectors' in the side menu under 'Integration' 

2. Select the connector icon you want to proceed for integration by clicking 'Getting started' and click on 'Create Environment'

3. Select the SDK  (PHP or Java or ASP.NET) from the list to proceed. 

4. You will land on the 'Integration Configuration' form which has to be filled to create a custom SDK suitable for your environment. 

5. Fill the basic and advanced configurations required for Radware Bot Manager integration into your environment (you can initially try with a staging environment). 

6. Once you fill the form, click on 'Save' to save the draft configuration and click on 'Download' to download your customized kit. Unzip the kit and copy ShieldSquare_API folder into your project to integrate the Radware Bot Manager module.

7. Now, 'Publish' to make the configuration Live and follow the instructions given in the guide (adjacent to the integration form) to complete the integration by moving to production. 

8. You can go to the 'Environment Settings' page anytime in the side menu to view or modify the created environments. 

If you have multiple sites to integrate, follow these steps:

  1. Inform Radware Bot Manager Support about the new site(s) to be integrated. 

  2. Go to the 'Environment Settings' page and click on 'Create Environment'. 

  3. Select the newly added site from the 'Select site' drop down to proceed with integration.

  4. Repeat the above instructions to complete the integration for the newly added site.  

Write to botmanager_support@radware.com for any clarifications on this process. 

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